ISLAMBAD - The government has released Rs 114.6 billion for PSDP during the first seven months (July-January) of the ongoing financial year 2012-2013, which is almost 50 per cent of the overall allocation of Rs 233 billion, according to the latest figures of Planning Commission of Pakistan.Sources said that government wants to complete the ongoing developmental projects ahead of general elections for which it is releasing funds expeditiously in the current financial year 2012-2013. According to the official figures of the Planning Commission of Pakistan, the government released Rs 114.6 billion for Public Sector Development Programme in the first four months (July-January) of the current fiscal year.Under approved and notified criteria for PSDP releases, the commission has set a limit of 20 per cent expenditure for development schemes in the first and second quarter of any fiscal year. The procedure required the government to release 25 per cent of the total PSDP allocation in the third quarter and 35 per cent in the last quarter of the fiscal year. The government has planned to spend Rs 360 billion on the PSDP during the current financial year 2012-2013 wherein government would release Rs 233 billion, foreign aid/loan would be Rs 100 billion and Rs 27 billion are for the special programmes.  The government released Rs 62.7 billion for infrastructure during the first four of the current fiscal year against the overall allocation of Rs 125.3 billion to be made by government sans foreign aid in the current fiscal year. Similarly, the government released Rs 48.7 billion for social sector as against overall allocation of Rs 127.7 billion.  Meanwhile, Rs 2 billion has been released for Earthquake Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Authority (ERRA) during the period under review against the overall allocation of Rs 10 billion for the whole financial year. Similarly, the government has released Rs 1.2 billion for other sectors against the overall allocation of Rs 3 billion to be made throughout the fiscal year.It is pertinent to mention here that government has kept funds for 1074 projects, whose overall cost is around Rs 2924.8 billion. However, the government has allocated to spend Rs 360 billion within the ongoing fiscal year for which the government would get Rs 100 billion from foreign resources that included aid and loans.