LAHORE - TUSDEC has inked an agreement of collaboration with Depilex Smile Again Foundation to help restore the socioeconomic status of the acid burn victims. According to a spokesperson, the memorandum of understanding directs both parties to collaborate in the areas of capacity building of downtrodden souls fanged by this vindictive crime of acid throwing. TUSDEC will be providing free of cost vocational trainings to the women passing through their phase of treatment and recovery under the patronization of Depilex Smile Again Foundation. The trainings will be delivered in various conventional and modern trades enabling the prospects of decent avocation for the brutally amortized women. The women will be facilitated with free of charge transportation and a monthly stipend aiding them to manage their medications. Depilex Smile Again Foundation is dedicated to foster the acid and kerosine oil burn victims in their struggle of physical, psychological and social reclamation whereas TUSDEC is rigorously pursuing numerous actions focused at germinating the prospects of socioeconomic empowerment for the vulnerable women. According to a company spokesperson, TSUDEC is configuring to launch various vocational training programs to stabilize the precarious gender in the country as the socioeconomic strength of women will significantly contribute economic progression of Pakistan.