RAHIM YAR KHAN - Flour mill owners have again dodged Punjab government and Punjab Food Department by smuggling huge quantity of flour to Sindh instead of sending it to Balochistan. On Tuesday Punjab Food Department had allowed flour mills to dispatch flour to Balochistan but these mills are using this opportunity to smuggle huge quantity of flour to Sindh. Previously, Punjab government, on complaints of flour shortage in various cities of Punjab, had restricted transportation of wheat and flour from Rahim Yar Khan District to any other district or to other provinces.  Accordingly Food Department took action at Sindh-Punjab border and confiscated nearly 20,000 bags of flour being transported to Sindh illegally. First information reports (FIRs) against flour mills involved were registered and wheat quota of such mills was suspended.  Now, when flour mills were allowed to dispatch wheat flour to Balochistan province. It is believed that while passing through 200 km stretch between Sindh and Balochistan border, flour trucks disappeared anywhere in Sindh, leading to flour crisis in Punjab again.