WASHINGTON (AFP) - US Vice-President Joseph Biden on Sunday dismissed North Koreas latest series of missile launches, saying the communist regime was engaged in attention seeking as it faced increasing isolation. Look, this has almost become predictable behaviour, Biden told ABC television. Some of it seems like almost attention-seeking behaviour. He said he did not want to give these tests undue attention, but rather focus on moving forward with the policy of further isolating Pyongyang. I think our policy has been absolutely correct so far, the Vice-President stated. We have succeeded in uniting the most important and critical countries to North Korea on a common path of further isolating North Korea. Speaking on CBS television Sunday, the top US military commander fretted about the unpredictability of the North Korean regime. Im very comfortable with our defensive posture that we can protect our interests, our people and our territories, US Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Mike Mullen said. In a separate interview with the Fox News, Mullen said a US military strike against Iran would be very destabilising, warning that any attack could have serious unintended consequences. Ive been one who has been concerned about a strike on Iran for some time, because it could be very destabilising, and it is the unintended consequences of that which are not predictable, he told the Fox News Sunday television programme. That said, I think its very important as we deal with Iran that we dont take any options, including military options, off the table, Mullen said in a separate interview on CBS News. Mullen said the US has a number of other grievances against Iran, repeating a number of longstanding accusations. I remain very concerned about what Iran is doing. They continue to state sponsor terrorism... They are and have been a destabilising force in both Iraq and Afghanistan, the commander said. Speaking shortly after his departure from Baghdad on late Saturday, US VP Biden vowed late Saturday that the United States will not put Iraq on the bottom shelf, even as the US military ramps up operations in Afghanistan and crises rumble on in North Korea, Iran and Pakistan. He told a White House pool reporter that Iraqs political leaders were very concerned that... they would be on the front burner. He said he responded to the worries by saying: Well, youre not, citing his presence in the country, where he assumed a new position as President Barack Obamas pointman on Iraq, as a sign of the US commitment. To quote one of the four principals with whom I met: 'With your concerns with Afghanistan, Pakistan, Korea, we were concerned we were moved to the bottom shelf, Biden said, relating Iraqi fears. Theyre very concerned, very anxious that we pursue a strategic agreement with them, which has nothing to do with the military, Biden said. They want us to be engaged with them in helping them realize their potential. Our Monitoring Desk adds: On the USs counterinsurgency strike in southern Afghanistan, Mullen said, Im comfortable with the strategy. He said the mission will include some of the 'toughest fighting the country has seen.