RAWALPINDI - For the residents of Chak Madad and its adjoining areas bordering cantonment and Rawalpindi city, nothing has changed with the change of the political governments, both at centre and Punjab, as they are facing the same civic problems they had been facing for past several years. The old dilapidated bridge linking Chak Madad and Westridge with the I.J. Principal Road, which was demolished some three years back with the promise by the then authorities that it would be reconstructed in six months period with double track still awaits fulfilment of authorities promise. The promise was not met and nothing was done on ground since then. It is rather adding to the problems of the residents living on both sides of the Nullah bifurcation the area. The sitting MNA and MPA, both from Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N), like their predecessors have done nothing concrete in getting the project on ground and even the contractor had moved the machinery installed at the site to some other place making the future of the project further bleak. During the visit to the site the residents of the area had opened a plethora of complaints against the rulers and said that nobody was paying any attention to their grievances and the problems being faced by them in absence of the bridge. Some of them even go to the extent that if they were to linger the project then they should not have been demolished the bridge, which was of great convenience to them. They said that they were running from pillar to the post to get the bridge constructed but the area MNA and MPA, both real brothers and from same party, were doing nothing to ameliorate their sufferings due to absence of the bridge. They further said that the whole locality was also lacking the basic amenities of life and people were facing with the problems of poor drainage, absence of proper sewerage system and no clean drinking water. They said that at the time of elections the sitting MNA and MPA had promised to them that they would get the bridge constructed but now they were doing nothing and keeping them on false promises as done by their predecessors. A man running the cane furniture business in the area said that it was the main link between the Chur Chowk and its adjoining localities with I. J. Principal the Vegetable market and at present the people have to take a big round via Dokh Hassu and Boring Road to reach their destination adding to the commuters who remained struck up in traffic mess there for hours. He said that with the construction of the bridge the people living in Westridge, Chur Chowk and its adjoining localities could get an alternate route to Islamabad. It will also relax traffic pressure on other road links between the twin cities. Another trader dealing in marble said that since the demolition of the bridge his business faced a sharp decline as people had stop coming to this area. He further said that if the government was to delay the project or sufficient funds were not available for it then they should not have been demolished the old bridge, which was of great facility for the residents living on both sides of the Nullah, and even motorists were using this route. He said that during the Musharraf era the then Railways Minister Sh. Rashid Ahmad had promised to construct the bridge. Similarly the Mohammad Basharat Raja also came to them and in a reception they hosted in his honour he promised that soon the funds for the project would be released but nothing concrete came to the fore. During the election campaign Malik Ibrar who was won elections from both the slots of MNA and MPA from the area had also promised to get the project completed at the earliest but after his elections he did nothing as well. Now when the people of the area went to him and reminded him of his promise he kept them on false promises even his party was in power in Punjab and getting the small project like this 50 to 60 feet long bridge was not a big deal for the government, they added. When contacted the officials at Rawalpindi Cantonment Board said that the area did not fall in their jurisdiction and Punjab Government was executing the project. On the other hand Rawal Town Administration officials said that they could not deal with the area as either it was in the civic limits of cantonment board or the Pakistan Railways. The residents of Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani and Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif to get them out of the quagmire of jurisdiction row and help resolve the problems being faced by the people in the absence of the bridge.