LAHORE - Taking strong exception to reports that Government is reconsidering the Iran-Pakistan Gas Pipeline deal, veteran politician and President PPP Punjab (Shaheed Bhutto), Dr Mubashir Hasan has asked Prime Minister Gilani to revise the decision immediately as Pakistan badly needed gas and electricity. Talking to The Nation on the issue, the PPP leader said that Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani had wrongly referred the Iran-Pakistan Gas Pipeline case for another feasibility report. Dr Mubashir argued that scores of studies existed to prove that pipeline under the sea was not economically feasible, and that is why the past governments, despite American interference, have been going ahead with their negotiations with Government of Iran. Is he cowering under the fresh American pressure or does he think that Balochistan is not part of Pakistan and it is dangerous to build a pipeline through Balochistan, the PPP leader has questioned. He viewed with serious concern that for almost a decade, the Americans have been trying to stop the building of this pipeline from Iran in various ways. Some times, the delay has been caused by prolonging negotiations with India as one of the beneficiaries of this pipeline, while at another, the negotiations about the price of gas were prolonged unnecessarily, he further stated. Now that everything has been settled and finally the bureaucracy had also agreed to clinch the deal, it is strange to note that the prime minister has stepped in to block it, he wondered, accusing the PM of behaving like Indian hawks who oppose Iranian pipeline to India through Pakistan. He said various foreign ministers and oil ministers have gone to Tehran, and announced the successful conclusion of negotiations. Where are the patriots of PPP in the National Assembly who are allowing the PM to sabotage and delay this deal, he asked.