In your editorial "PSM calls in sick" in The Nation dated 25th June, 2009; you have distorted history by saying: "The PSM was set up by the government of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto in collaboration with the USSR in order to provide steel...". The factual position is thus: After the Tashkent treaty, relations between Pakistan and USSR improved. As a consequence, Alexey Kosygin visited Pakistan on 18th April, 1968. An agreement was signed between the two countries for financing and executing the Pakistan Steel Mill project at Karachi. Ayub Khan was the author of this project and not anyone else. A plaque of Z.A. Bhutto's name was put up because Ayub Khan was not in power after March, 1969. Please give credit where it is due -BRIG. (Retd) A. RASHID, via e-mail, June 26.