INDIA is 'very cautiously and 'responsibly evaluating the conflicting signals emanating from Pakistan on punishing the perpetrators of the Mumbai attacks and was waiting for its 'visible and credible actions against them. Voicing his disapproval over the release of JuD leader Hafeez Saeed, Indian External Affairs Minister SM Krishna on Sunday said India has not yet received any official communication about Pakistan governments appeal against the release of the terror mastermind in a higher court. The brain behind the attack has been released. We have not heard about Pakistan government taking it up in an appeal. So, in the light of that conflicting signals are emanating from Pakistan, he told Press Trust of India. Krishna said India has to 'very cautiously and responsibly evaluate these signals. Asked about the 'credible action India expects from Pakistan, he said well, it is very simple, we want perpetrators of the attack on Mumbai to be brought to justice. That is the only thing India is asking for and we are waiting. I have repeatedly said that it has to be visible and it has to be credible. There must be some commitment on the part of Pakistan that they are going after the Mumbai attackers, he underlined. Krishna said if required he would meet his Pakistani counterpart Shah Mehmood Qureshi on the sidelines of the Non-Aligned Movement summit meeting in Egypt later this month. If there is a requirement, I will be too willing to meet with the Foreign Minister of Pakistan. Anyway, we are going to be under the same roof. So, let us see how things move on, he said, adding that India has never hesitated from holding talks with Pakistan at any level. I dont think that some of the other developments, parallel developments which have taken place in Pakistan would add credibility to Pakistans desire for the Composite Dialogue to move forward, he said. On suggestions from the international community that India should talk to Pakistan, Krishna said New Delhi has never said no to talks with Islamabad. India has never said no to talks with Pakistan. India has taken a very consistent position that we will talk. But we will talk about terror. We will discuss about terror. India is ever willing to talk about terror, he underlined. On US Secretary of State Hillary Clintons visit, Krishna said he had spoken to the American leader and was looking forward to it. The minister said he would raise the issue of terrorism emanating from Pakistan with Clinton when she visits New Delhi later this month.