ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Peoples Party leaders and workers observed July 5 as Black Day and reiterated commitment to continue struggle for strengthening democracy in the country. Rallies and processions were taken out in different parts of the country to pay homage to their leader and founder of PPP late Zulfikar Ali Bhutto who laid down his life for the cause of democracy. In 1977, on the day, Ziaul Haq toppled ZA Bhutto government and put him behind the bars. Later, the great leader of the Muslim world was hanged in a fabricated murder case. Pakistan Peoples Party and other democratic forces describe ZA Bhuttos hanging as a judicial murder and observe July 05 as Black Day with a renewed commitment to continue fighting for democracy. Rallies, processions, seminars and conferences are held to commemorate their late leader and revive his thought and manifesto of uplifting the poor and downtrodden segment of the country. This year also the party leaders and the workers renewed their pledge to carrying forward the agenda of late ZA Bhutto and serve the poor masses in the country. The PPP leaders highlighted the thoughts of ZA Bhutto in their speeches and asked the workers to tread on the footprints of the late leader. They said, Bhutto was not a name but an ideology, who ruled over the hearts of hundreds of the thousand of people. The Bhuttos gave voice to the voiceless and fought for peoples rights. They Bhuttos never died natural deaths, rather died while fighting for peoples rights. These leaders pledged that cherished mission of charismatic Bhuttos would be completed at all costs for the socio-economic emancipation of the people, the poor workers, labourers and the marginalized class. The participants of the rallies carried banners and placards, raised slogans hailing Bhuttos and slamming dictatorship as they walked through different roads of their respective cities. Hundreds of thousands PPP workers, leaders besides lawyers, intellectuals, poets and writers, wearing black armbands held protest demonstrations. July 05 1977 tragedy was the main reason that made people face monumental trouble in securing and safeguarding their political independence. The anti-democracy forces managed to hang Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto in an unconstitutional manner but the pioneering PPP leader who gave self belief, respect, dignity, and above all basic rights to the poor and deprived sections of society, still lives in the hearts of the people, they said.