The PIA arranging a seminar on 10th July 09, in the memoir of Multan F-27 Fokker Air crash, 2006, which has many monuments in our hearts. Because the air crash had taken the precious lives of many people which remain alive in our hearts forever. Arshad Latif, Advocate Supreme Court and Justice Muhammad Nawaz Bhatti, Judge Lahore High Court were the victims of air crash and the precious assets to the lawyer community and the whole nation. Many tribunals and also the Fact Finding Committee of Multan High Court Bar Association had given their findings but the Govt and especially the PIA Management and CAA, had taken no action against the offenders. This shows the irresponsible attitude of the PIA Management and CAA, towards the accident. We are astonished that the PIA has learnt nothing from the past plane crashes. Its management shows its traditional nonsense towards the safety issues. No action has been taken from the higher authorities. Everyone is still waiting to get the true facts from the authorities. I appeal to the higher authorities especially from PIA to bring the true facts in front of the people. - ADVOCATE ABBAS ALI, Multan, via e-mail. July 4.