NEW YORK - For the first time since the 9/11 terror attacks, US Independence Day fireworks lit up the sky over the Hudson River as New Yorkers celebrated the nations 233rd birthday Saturday night. It was Americas biggest fireworks display, with more than 22 tons of pyrotechnics exploding over 2.4 km of the river. Thats the length of 25 city blocks between 24th and 50th streets. The fireworks were set off from six barges moored on the river, which separates New York and the neighbouring state of New Jersey. Millions of people on both sides of the river watches the magnificent display. The fireworks display, previously held over the East River, was moved to the Hudson in honour of the 400th anniversary of Henry Hudsons voyage up the river that now bears his name. Elsewhere in the United States, apart from the night fireworks, Americans celebrated with parade, picnics and barbecues. In Washington, the celebration started with a unique memorial ceremony in front of the National Archives. Three performers who played music in remembrance of Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and Benjamin Franklin, who drafted the Declaration of Independence in 1776, mingled with the spectators and then joined young students in reciting the historical document that symbolized the end of the colonial period of the United States.