LAHORE - Speakers at a seminar on Sunday paid rich tributes to PPP founder Z A Bhutto and highlighted his services for the country and condemned the dislodging of his Government on July 5, 1977 by a military dictator. PPP leaders who addressed the seminar, held here at Lahore Press Club, converged on the point that it was only by following the ideology and philosophy of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto that the country could be steered out of current crises. They also believed that military coup of July 1977 could not be compared with that of October 11, 1999, given the fact that in case of former a leader sacrificed his life but refused to compromise on principles; whereas, in the latters case, the 'leader ran away from the country by striking deal with the dictator who had over thrown his government. President PPP Punjab Rana Aftab, President PPP Lahore Chaudhry Asghar, Professor Mehdi Hassan, Chairman Evacuee Property Trust Pakistan Syed Asif Ali Hashmi, Secretary Information PPP Punjab Dr Fakkar, President Women Wing Lahore and MPA Sajida Mir, Senior Vice President PPP Zaffar Masood Bhatti, and Chairman Aman Committee Muhammad Yousaf Awaan addressed the seminar. Speaking on the occasion, President PPP Punjab Rana Aftab said that Bhutto was the name of an ideology, a hope and sacrifice. He said it was Bhuttos mission to restore democratic rights of the poor by giving them political awareness. As a ruling party, it is our duty to provide basic amenities of life to the poor including employment, education and health facilities, Rana observed, and added that solution to countrys problems lay in following the ideology of Z A Bhutto. He opined that Zia gave gifts of heroin and Kalashnikov culture by replacing Bhutto government. He said that PPP was facing many challenges at the moment and urged his party men to get united to face them. President PPP Lahore Chaudhry Asghar said that those criticising PPP were the production of a dictator, who overthrew an elected Government of Z A Bhutto. He said it was PPPs mission to serve and save the country. He hoped that all conspiracies against the PPP would fail, as Bhutto was living in the hearts of party workers. He said the party was united under the leadership of Asif Ali Zardari and Bilawal Bhutto would be the next prime minister of Pakistan. Professor Mehdi Hassan said that a dictator caused irreparable loss to the country by staging coup against an elected PM on 5th July. He said leaders like Bhutto are born in centuries. He said it was great achievement of Bhutto to unite Islamic countries at one platform. Had Bhutto been alive these days, condition of the Muslims would have been much different, he opined. He blamed former dictator Zia-ul-Haq for most of the problems currently facing the country, including the recent wave of militancy in Swat and the tribal belt. According to him, Benazir Bhutoo was assassinated by those anti-Pakistan militants who were born out of Zia-ul-Haqs wrong policies. President Women Wing Lahore, MPA Sajida Mir said that despite having been martyred three decades ago, Bhuttoism was still alive in the form of his legacy. After the seminar, PPP workers came out of the Press Club and held a peaceful demonstration to condemn the military coup of 1977.