Four women were kidnapped in different parts the district here over the past 24 hours.

As per details, in village Jaamkey Cheema-Motra, Daska tehsil, four armed accused including Zeeshan Maseeh, Habib Maseeh and Bushra Bibi kidnapped local trader Mohsin Ehsan’s young sister Isran Ehsan at gunpoint from her house. The police have registered a case with no arrest or recovery. In Muradpur, three armed accused including Nabeel and Jaffar Hussain kidnapped a young girl “M” at gunpoint from her grandmother’s house.

In village Dharam Kot-Satrah, Daska tehsil, three armed accused abducted a married women “A” at gunpoint from her parents house.

Meanwhile, three unknown armed car  riders kidnapped a young girl “R” at gunpoint from a local bricks kiln in village Binnah Baryar, Daska Saddr here. The police have registered separate cases with no arrest or recovery in this regard.