A total of Rs3.55 million has been spent for provision of furniture in 97 girls’ schools in tehsil Wazirabad, claimed an educationist.

Deputy DEO (Female) Mst Sajida Begum added that 97 girls’ high, elementary and primary schools were functional without basic facilities for a long time. Education Department allocated Rs3.55 millions for the provision of furniture, water, electric and bathrooms facilities and issued funds to the school councils.

He added that a sum of Rs500,000 was given to each high school for purchase of furniture while elementary and primary schools were given funds as per their demands. Rs10.18 million has been spent for purchase of furniture for the schools, Rs6.26 was spent for provision of electricity and other electric installation in 42 schools. He added that Rs2.8 million was spent for construction of toilets in 7 schools, Rs0.15 million for provision of water in five schools while Rs0.67 million for construction of boundary walls of two schools was spent.

The schools councils having representation of the students’ parents and social workers along with teachers supervised the development works, she said. She added that high, middle and primary schools for boys will be provided the same facilities during the current fiscal year.