Unfortunately in Pakistan there are very few occasions to celebrate, and even on those days there is not much joy. August 14 is one of those days when we get the chance to promote national brotherhood and patriotism. The youth comes out on the roads to shout slogans of solidarity. I am afraid that if Imran Khan has a long march with his highly volatile young-blooded followers, and if they meet resistance which is bound to happen, then this day of independence may be remembered for something else in history!

We have so few happy celebrations, and I would like to request Imran Khan to change the date for his demonstration, because I don’t want this day to be remembered in history for anything else but as our Independence Day. No one is stopping him from protesting, all I am personally asking is that he change the date, as he may have a glowing victory and can add a new day to our history.


Lahore, July 3.