It is reported that a new housing scheme ‘Apna Ghar’ is in the offing for the low income sections of society. The Ministry of Housing intends to build 0.5 million houses under this scheme, which will be for the benefit of the people living in the lower strata. Such schemes should be encouraged, so that people with meager salaries may be able to own their personal homes. However it is important to ensure transparency, merit and fair deals in the conception, implementation and maintenance of such public schemes so that their benefits reach out to the targeted sections of society. Unfortunately, it has been seen in the past that all such schemes, be it ‘Ashiana Housing’ or Daanish Schools under this government always benefited only the people that were close to the Sharif’s. They need to learn to become charitable and mature politicians by giving hope to the middle class and the poor. It is hoped that this time around, the government will implement proper checks and balances for minimizing the chances of misappropriation during such beneficial schemes.


Lahore, July 2.