Jennifer Lopez found working with Iggy Azalea to be ‘fantastic’. Iggy collaborated with JLo on a track called Acting Like That from the 44-year-old’s new album AKA.

According to Jennifer, the experience was wonderful and Iggy is definitely going places. ‘Working with Iggy was fantastic as that girl is having her moment. Her song’s been No1, which is awesome,’ she told UK newspaper The Sun. ‘I didn’t know that was all going to happen when I asked her to do this record. So it is actually a great thing.’

Iggy recently admitted she grew up listening to Jennifer’s music, lip-syncing to it in her bedroom. Jennifer is clearly flattered by this, especially as she sometimes forgets just how successful and long-running her own career has been. ‘That is so crazy. I always feel like I’ve just started but I’ve been in the game for a long time now. To see girls who are grown women and say, ‘I used to listen to you,’ I am like ‘Wow!’ It is really flattering and inspiring to me to keep doing what I do and not listen to any negativity in the media.’

Jennifer goes to explain how this new album is different from her others in terms of personal honesty. According to the star, she wanted to own her love for what she does without making excuses for it. ‘On this album it was important for me to embrace all my music and not care what other people say or think - that is part of me growing up too. Losing the insecurities,’ she said.