lahore - Cement despatches to domestic markets during the month of June 2014 increased by 14.32 percent to 2.53 million tons compared with 2.215 million tons during same month last year. Exports during June 2014 were 685,000 tons against 665,000 Tons during June, 2013 showing increase of 2.9%. Total despatches during June, 2014 were 3.22 million tons compared to 2.88 million tons during same month last year showing increase of 11.68 percent.

According to the data released by All Pakistan Cement Manufacturers Association, during the fiscal year 2013-14, cement industry despatched 26.14 Million Tons in local markets posting a growth of 4.32 percent compared with local despatches during the same period of last fiscal year that were 25.06 Million Tons. Exports from the country declined by 2.87 percent to 8.133 Million Tons compared with exports during last fiscal year that were 8.37 Million Tons.

The overall situation during fiscal year showed a growth of 2.52% compared to last fiscal year as total despatches increased to 34.27 Million Tons against 33.432 Million Tons from July 12 to June, 13.