Jamaat-e-Islami Punjab and the party Parliamentary leader in Punjab Assembly Dr Syed Waseem Akhtar warned on Saturday that the government was inviting troubles for democracy by imposing Article 245 of the Constitution.

Talking to media men here, he added that the decisions like imposition of Article 245 were attempts to minimize the power of judiciary. “Such attempts are highly condemnable.” Imposition of Article 245 is tantamount to depriving masses of their basic rights,” he maintained.

He said that the democracy could not flourish in any society without democratic culture. “Some hidden powers are active against democracy in the country,” he pointed out. He asked the rulers to exhibit democratic behaviours otherwise democracy would derail again.

He asserted that independent judiciary was imperative to protect the rights of 180 million citizens, correct social errors and keep the rulers on right track. He pointed out that corruption ruined entire system and the poor citizens had to pay bribe for getting done even legal assignments. He said that the system of accountability was always utilized as a tool of victimization by the rulers against their opponents. “The people have pinned their hopes on judiciary in this scenario but the rulers are trying to cut the powers of judiciary,” he added.

He disclosed that he had also submitted a resolution with Punjab Assembly Secretariat for restoration of Bahawalpur province. “The Punjab Assembly had adopted a resolution in 2008 for restoration of Bahawalpur Province. The current assembly should adopt measures for province restoration in light of 2008 resolution,” he demanded.