The National Testing Service (NTS), the largest testing service in Pakistan, known for its ‘so-called’ transparency, has once again failed in ensuring that the principles of meritocracy are upheld. Recently, a second-level recruitment test for the vacant posts in Employees’ Old-Age Benefits Institution (EOBI) was held under its supervision. I was a candidate, and was witness to the open help given to a selected few during the exams by the NTS staff.

This all seemed like a pre-planned drama by the NTS staff which allowed some students to keep their cell phones, providing enormous help to the candidates to cheat in the exam. Secondly, the invigilators, usually hired by NTS, instead of monitoring the exam process themselves, assigned the task of vigilance to the teachers of computer centre who seemed to be less experienced. Due to a lack of proper vigilance, cheating and use of unfair means were the order of the day. Last but not least, it was the seating arrangement that reflected a sense of irresponsibility and incapability on the part of NTS. The seats were arranged in such a manner as to facilitate the cheaters. Such mismanagement is quite regrettable indicating that merit and transparency is still a far cry for NTS to be implement in their exams.


Sukkur, July 1.