Selena Gomez ‘urged to enter rehab immediately’. The 21-year-old has apparently been having a hard time lately, both in her relationship with Justin Bieber and her friendship with Demi Lovato.

Friends and family are said to be so worried about the star, she is being urged to get treatment without delay. ‘Family and friends are stressing to Selena that she should enter rehab this weekend,’ a source told Hollywood Life. ‘She is a mess over what Justin has been doing to her, and how he has played with her emotions. She really is taking things hard with the Justin and Demi drama.’

The 4th of July weekend is typically a time when people party and celebrate. Selena’s family are worried the weekend will have a bad effect on her and that she could possibly get into a bad situation.

‘And with this weekend being all about partying, people in her camp believe she is going to partake in it and really get into some trouble so they want to get her help as soon as possible,’ the source added. Selena allegedly entered rehab in January 2014 for a myriad of issues. But her team reportedly doesn’t think she stayed for long enough. ‘

She entered rehab for various reasons - young adult issues, working too much, relationship issues,’ a source said. ‘Pressures of being with Justin and the people surrounding him. Clearly, look at what they’re into. A spokesperson for the star had not commented on the claims at press time.