Peerzada shares life experiences 

Actor and director Usmaan Peerzada shared his experience with the participants in the 11th sitting of Gosha-e-Gayan at Lahore Arts Council on Thursday.  Usman Peerzada shed light on the history of theatre and film industry and appreciated LAC’s effort for promotion of art and culture.  Usman said: “Pakistan doesn’t have any nightclub and that is the reason theatres are turning into nightclubs. I don’t mind if nightclubs open in Pakistan because there is a specific class that can afford it. “Theatre, in particular, has played an important role in bringing about social change in developed countries but sadly in our country we don’t care about it because government is least supportive. There were many playwrights, musicians, theatre actors, directors who were producing some of the best work in the region’s theatrical history but with the downfall of theatre in Pakistan all left. We need to promote it in our society, as theatre is one of those human activities that doesn't really hurt anyone or anything,” he briefed. The generation that grew up in the 90s has been familiar with the work of Usman Peerzada.  His untiring efforts to promote Pakistan’s film industry and theatre are known to everyone. The session was attended by people from all walks of life, socialites, veteran actors and art critics.–Faizan Javed

Chief secretary visits Jinnah Hospital

Chief Secretary Akbar Durrani Thursday visited Jinnah Hospital and Allama Iqbal Medical College. He visited different wards of the hospital, inquired patients about health facilities and issued necessary orders for resolving their problems. He directed the Communication and Works Department to prepare cost estimation for repair and maintenance of hostels of Allama Iqbal Medical College. He ordered early completion of the repair work of nursing hostel of Jinnah Hospital. Talking to the media, the chief secretary said that provision of best education and healthcare is a priority of the government. He said that he would conduct regular visits of hospitals, adding that cooperation of people and media is also imperative for brining improvement in health sector. He mentioned that there should be just one attendant with a patient and implementation of this policy would not only help lessen overcrowding but also improve medical care. The Medical Superintendent briefed that a project to construct medical tower in Jinnah Hospital is under consideration. He said that funds of Rs 27 million for repair of nursing hostels have been approved and work would be completed in four months. The Chief Secretary was accompanied by Secretary Specialized Healthcare Saqib Zafar and Special Secretary Usman Moazam during his visit.–Staff Reporter