OKARA  -  A fire erupted in the stores of MC Depalpur on account of short-circuit as it had stored rescue items envisaging flood in the tehsil.

All the stores of food stuff, clothing, bedding, camping burnt to ashes making a loss of un- estimated amount. Besides the stores some official record of the MC was also burnt.

Two ransom receivers were awarded 25 years rigorous imprisonment each, their properties were confiscated; the third accused was acquitted of charges and set free on benefit of doubt.

About four years ago in the month of May, a 10th class student Zain Tahir s/o Abu Tahir an industrialist was kidnapped by Abid Noor, Farrukh Abbas and Kashif Waqas. They had demanded two crore rupees as ransom from the industrialist. However, after receiving 2 million rupees they released the boy and immediately escaped abroad.

The A Division police had registered a case and the investigation remained intact. After three years Farukh Abbas and Kashif Waqas returned and were immediately gripped by the police. The third kidnapper Abid Noor fell to police hand on April 12, 2018. The proceedings of the case ran in the Anti-Terrorist Court where the allegations were proved. The court awarded 25 years rigorous imprisonment to each Abid Noor and Farrukh Abbas and also confiscated their properties. Kashif Waqas was given benefit of doubt and was released.