Former prime minister and PML-N’s supreme leader Nawaz Sharif has announced that he along with his daughter Maryam Nawaz would come back to Pakistan.

Nawaz Sharif while addressing a press conference in London said they will come back once his wife Begum Kalsoom Nawaz regains consciousness.  

Commenting on the Accountability Court (AC) ruling in Avenfiedl reference he said the verdict was part of the struggle and the way that he and his daughter had chosen. “I will consistently continue with this struggle even from the jail. Join me in this struggle. We will break these shackles through the power of vote on July 25,” Nawaz maintained.  

“An unknown person has been made senate chairman while an elected prime minister was pressurized to step down. Who are the people behind such conspiracies,” he questioned?

Nawaz said he was not charged on the basis of corruption. “I was charged because I was changing the course of history.

"I am proud to say that no evidence of corruption could be proved against me. If any evidence is found against me, I will leave politics.

“In the Avenfield ruling, it was not mentioned that what I am guilty of, Nawaz added.

He further said, "People of Pakistan should come out of their houses. Such things need a sacrifice. I am ready to sacrifice and break these shackles. Stand up with me to save Pakistan. This change will bring prosperity".

On a question about returning back, Nawaz said his wife Begum Kalsoom was on a ventilator for the past 22 days. “I will return to Pakistan after meeting her when she gets better.

“I was disqualified removed from the presidency of PML-N but I will not be a slave to those who have broken their oaths and the Constitution of Pakistan. They had taken their oath not to interfere in politics. After independence from the British why should we become slaves of a bunch of people? People should know as to who are the people behind the sign of 'jeep'.” he stressed.

“I am going back to Pakistan to stop those who don't give respect to the 'vote',” Nawaz maintained.

Maryam speaking on the occasion talked about the hidden hands playing with the destiny of Pakistan. “I did not choose the easy way. I chose the path of truth. My struggle is that we live in a Pakistan where we can live without fear,” she explained.