­ISLAMABAD/Peshawar - Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chief Imran Khan said Thursday that ousted prime minister Nawaz Sharif would read only in newspapers about the accountability court’s verdict against him in the Avenfield corruption reference.

“We will wait for you (Sharif) in Pakistan,” Khan said adding that Rawalpindi's Adiala Jail would be waiting for him upon his return to the country. The accountability court will announce its decision on a corruption reference against the Sharif family today (Friday).

The PTI chief gave these remarks while talking to the media at the residence of former Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) senator Zafar Ali Shah, aho along with his supporters formally joined the PTI. Khan also requested Shah, who was also former MNA of the PML-N, to lead his election campaign for NA-53 (Islamabad).

Khan said that Sharif’s request for the accountability court to delay the announcement in the judgment was not acceptable. “We are with Kulsoom Nawaz (the ailing wife of Sharif) but this does not mean that you blackmail emotionally,” he taunted Sharif. He questioned whether she (Kulsoom Nawaz) was not ill when the former PM was holding rallies in Pakistan.

Khan said that whether all those languishing in jails had the same facility that Sharif was asking for. “Whether the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) gives such facilities to the corrupt,” he questioned adding in which country it happened that anyone did corruption of worth billions of rupees and sought more time on one pretext or the other. He said that money-laundering was a big crime in Pakistan and 10 billion dollars used to be laundered from here. He said that the recent depreciation of rupee was necessitated by money-laundering.

Khan while welcoming Zafar Ali Shah appreciated his stance against the Sharif family for their alleged corrupt practices. He said that when the Panama Papers issue surfaced he had been seeing that all PML-N senior leaders and ministers knew that Nawaz Sharif had been caught red-handed. They all knew that the Sharif family bought flats in the 1990s. He said that there were three or four ministers who had claimed on TV channels that Avenfield properties belonged to the Sharif family. “When Nawaz Sharif said in the National Assembly that he bought these flats in 2006, I was seeing how many among the PML-N leadership would say that he was telling a lie,” he said. Khan said that most of the PML-N leadership failed in this test. “They did not see that a prime minister had been laundering billions of rupees abroad and buying properties of worth billions of rupees there,” he said.

Khan said that he used to see Shah on TV channels and he was the only PNL-N senator who did not defend this wrongdoing.  He asked Shah that if he ever would see any misappropriation of money within the PTI, it was his duty to point it out the same way as he did in the PML-N.

Khan said that the beauty of democracy was that people had different ideologies. “You differ but respect others’ ideologies and in democracy, a consensus develops.” He said that the biggest issue of democracy in Pakistan was that someone is of the right-wing ideology, someone is of left, socialist and some are capitalists but you can talk to them and develop consensus.” But how can you talk with culprits? He said that he was accused in the past of not visiting parliament but what was the need when both the PML-N and PPP had an underhand deal and did not bring the real issues. “The Panama issue should have been solved in the parliament but I was forced to come on the streets,” he said.

He also condemned the NAB’s decision not to arrest those candidates who were accused till July 25 elections. “This decision is devoid of logic and we are making this country a banana republic.” 


ON JULY 25: PTI chief

Imran Khan said that the day is not far when dynastic politics and corrupt mafia would be ousted from the political arena of the country and on July 25 will be the last opportunity to change the destiny of Pakistan.

“The decline of Muslims was started due to the dynastic style of politics where only sons of kings would become kings while on other hand west started making progress by adopting meritocracy and democracy,” he made these remarked while addressing a mammoth public gathering in Charsadda district on Thursday.

The PTI chairman said that the forefathers of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah were common people but it was self-struggle of the Quaid which made him a great leader. He said that Pakistani politicians are doing politics for their children and this is the reason they cross every limit whether it is violation of merit or destruction of the institutions. He said that the son of Asif Ali Zardari could not walk one kilometer on foot because he does not know about struggle and hard work.

Criticising Maryam Nawaz Sharif, Imran said that she could not work for a single day and she wants to become Prime Minister of the country. He said that Maryam does not know about the plight of the working class.

He said that Pakistan’s debts increased from Rs6,000 billion to Rs27,000 billion in the last 10 years and if the nation missed this last opportunity it would be hard to make this country a developed nation.

He added that PTI would make strict laws against corruption and violation of merit besides this the party would bring a new transparent system of tax collection without putting burden on low-income people.

He said that the fate of Nawaz Sharif will be sealed tomorrow while referring to the verdict in the Avenfield reference against Sharif family which is expected to be announced today (Friday).

Imran Khan appealed to the court not to delay the announcement of the decision as he is trying to gain public sympathies through the ailment of his wife. He said Nawaz Sharif is not a special person that laws could be relaxed for him and today the decision should be announced as per the law of the land.

He said Nawaz Sharif and his family looted public exchequer by making property of Rs900 billion. He said that if PTI was voted to power he would bring back this money and would spend it on public welfare.