Pervaiz pledges to establish engineering university in Gujrat

Pakistan Muslim League (PML) senior leader Ch Pervaiz Elahi while addressing public meeting in Chak Saada said his government had made state-of-the-art Gujrat University. According to a press release, He vowed to establish an engineering university, cancer hospital and medical college in the district.  He took swipe at the Sharif family, saying “In 10 years, the Sharif family has destroyed the country and the province. He said the Chief Justice of Pakistan has exposed corruption of Shehbaz in every project. He said he would serve public with more deduction after coming to power.  He said that the chief justice himself has said that Wazirabad Cardiology Hospital was kept closed only because it was made by Ch Parvez Elahi. He listed his party feats during his rule in Punjab. Mian Imran Masood, Ch Azhar Warraich and Ch Ziaullah Warraich also addressed whereas Syed Sajjadul Hussain Shah, Ch Azhar Warraich, Syed Tajamul Hussain Shah, Ch Allah Ditta, Ch Wajid Mahmud, Haji Seth Muzaffar Hussain, Master Iftikhar Ahmad, Ch Qamar Nawaz Warraich and PTI leader Kabber Chaudhry were present.–Staff Reporter

PHC closes down 77 quackery outlets

The Punjab Healthcare Commission on Thursday closed down 77 quackery outlets in different cities. The PHC had carried out the action in Lahore, Vehari, Pakpattan, Multan, Rawalpindi, Muzaffargarh, Sialkot, Bahawalnagar and Sargodha, while being accompanied by officials of the district administration and police. As per the census, they visited 300 treatment centres, sealed 77 outlets and 91 quacks were found to have quit quackery. The highest number of quacks, that is, 13, were closed down in Lahore, 11 each in Rawalpindi and Sialkot, nine in Faisalabad and eight in Multan. In the provincial metropolis, the Farooq Clinic, Naeem Homoeo Clinic, Saafi Clinic, Al-Shifa Clinic, Al-Noor Health Care, Azhar Clinic, Farooq Dawakhana, Dar-e-Shifa Dawakhana, Shahzaib Homoeopathic Clinic, Musawar Welfare Dispensary, Al-Hamd Clinic, Fauji Clinic and Ali Akbar Clinic were sealed.–Staff Reporter

MMA public meetings plan

The MMA has announced schedule of its major public meetings in different parts of the country during the next three weeks. Giving details, Information Secretary of Jamaat e Islami Qaiser Sharif said that first public meeting would be held in Multan on July 13 followed by Rawalpindi on July 14. Third public meeting would be held in Karachi on July 15. He further said that MMA’s central leaders would visit Abbotabad on July 21 and Malakand on July 22.–Staff Reporter

JI hosts corner meetings

Secretary General, Jamaat e Islami and the MMA, Liaqat Baloch, has said that at a time when major political parties had become hereditary and had lost true democratic and consultative character, the presence of the religious parties in the country was nothing less than a blessing. Addressing corner meetings in his constituency, NA 130 on Wednesday, he said that the political parties were full of weaknesses, incompetent people and turncoats but despite that, the attitude of the leadership was dictatorial and it was pushing the country towards a clash of institutions. Baloch said that rains in the city had exposed all claims of the outgoing rulers about development. The provincial capital was lacking basic civic facilities while unemployment was the root cause of tension among the people especially the youth. He said that the MMA, if voted to power, would introduce the Nizam e Mustafa and make every effort towards an Islamic welfare state by undoing the present system based on exploitation, and oppression. –Staff Reporter