Karachi - PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto said Thursday that the welcome accorded by the people of Sindh province was exceptional and a good answer to them who were forming the puppet parties and bringing them in the contest with the PPP.

During a press conference at the residence of Sardar Mohammad Bux Maher and Ali Nawaz Maher in Khangarh area of Ghotki, Bilawal said July 5 was a black day when an elected government was toppled by a dictator and since then the democracy had seen many ups and downs and martial laws.

Bilawal was accompanied by the former chief minister Murad Ali Shah, former opposition leader in National Assembly Khursheed Ahmad Shah and others.  “This would be the second peaceful transition of democracy which was a good sign for the country,” he said.

The PPP chairman said that suppression of fundamental rights of the people in the country was against the constitution.  “We will oppose any media censorship and political interference,” he said.  Bilawal said that the former provincial sports minister Sardar Mohammad Bux Maher was asked to leave PPP and was threatened that if he did not leave he would be disqualified for life.

“But even in this young age, he showed the loyalty with the party and refused to obey the orders,” he said, adding, that his act was an example for the youngsters that they should remain committed with their ideology and party.

“We are against the manipulated and designed democracy and such acts cannot halt the mission of PPP,” he said, and added that other candidates of PPP were also threatened.

“Ï just want to say that forces which are doing this should rely on the consciousness of the masses and refrain from planting puppet people as such activities are against the county’s interest.

The party chairman said that he would utilise all fora to end the disqualification of Sardar Muhammad Bux and would send him to the assembly come what may.  “We are young and will play a long innings and give befitting response to the enemies of democracy,” he said.  To a query, he said PTI was being made a kings party and the puppet party in Sindh was also a part of this phenomenon.

“The forces behind them should realise the reasons that despite running a media campaign in their favour, why masses are against them and the other party candidates are forced to join them.”

When asked the PPP did the same thing in Senate when loyalties of other parties were changed to win chairman Senate post, he said that it was only aimed at refraining PML-N from coming into power as it could endanger the democracy.

Bilawal said he could not trust the PML-N as whenever trusted they had ditched them. “Whenever it comes to their personal issues they raise voice for democracy and on the contrary PPP has always done the issue-based politics.

Earlier in the day, the PPP chairman who has been travelling for the last three days covering parts of the Sindh province during the PPP’s election campaign, began his journey for the fourth day from divisional president Haji Anwar Khan Maher residence.

The PPP chairman later addressed the charged party activists at Sukkur, Ghotki and Pano Aqil and promised to implement the party manifesto and keep promises made by him.

Addressing at Sukkur, Bilawal said that victory would be for the arrow on July 25 and said that Benazir and Bhutto had given sacrifices for safeguarding media and basic human rights.

“We are participating in this election process for the rights of masses rather than coming into power.” Speaking at Sukkur, Khursheed Shah said that today alliances were being made against democracy but the final decision would be made by masses rather than puppets.