LAHORE   -  The Punjab government has approved a high-tech surveillance system for Rawalpindi and Murree as part of the safe city project.

Official sources on Friday told The Nation that the Punjab Police Integrated Command, Control, and Communication (PPIC3) project is being extended to Rawalpindi and Murree following the successful launch on the multi-billion scheme in several big cities of the province.  The project based on public private partnership model was approved during a high-level meeting presided over by the provincial finance minister here in Lahore the other day. The Punjab Safe City Authority is going to initiate bidding process for this project, said a spokesman for the safe city authority.


Several multinational and national companies are invited to the pre-bidding conference to discuss the scope of the project. The participants of the conference will be briefed in detail about the project. The safe city authority will ensure merit and transparency during the bidding process.