KARACHI    -   Mayor Karachi Wasim Akhtar on Friday said the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation would not need any financial assistance, if its revenue generation departments are given to them.

Addressing a press conference in his office here, Akhtar said the provincial government had taken all revenue generation departments of KMC under Sindh Local Government Act, 2013 through which Rs 15 billion revenue was generated annually. Deputy mayor Syed Arshad Hasan, city council parliamentary leader Aslam Shah Afridi and Chairman Khurram Farhan were also present on this occasion.

“How can KMC enhance its recovery when it did not have such departments? The city could not be run by the entry fee of Karachi Zoo or from the shop rents. The Sindh Government collects Rs4.5 to 5 billion from SBCA and Master Plan which are purely civic organizations and also collets Rs300 to 400billion from other taxes. Citizens of Karachi have right on these resources and this revenue belongs to Karachi,” said the Mayor.

He was of the view that the Chief Minister had said the city government should increase the recovery but with the resources and departments given under SLGA 2013 city cannot be run smoothly. In order to bring improvement in the city and solve the problems, local taxes,  advertisement, charged parking fee, lease of katchi abadies and income from oil tankers parking terminal should be returned back to KMC which had been taken from it. He said our revenue much depends on the octroi zila tax share from the government.

Speaking on water scarcity in the city, Akhtar said the water crisis has deepened in the city and the chief minister had also admitted the faults in the K-IV project. Water theft and leakage should be managed if we want to make the situation better. He said under the prevailing system it was not possible for anyone to improve these things. “The K-Electric disconnected the supply of electricity to KMC Office since a week and we did not have the resources to pay the electricity bill. The disbursement of salary and pension with other affairs stopped due to this and the staff was working while sitting in balconies,” Mayor added.