KAMALIA - Social activist Aslam Ansari stressed a need for early construction of Kalabagh Dam in the country.

Addressing the media, he added that considering the ground realities, Kalabagh Dam had become inevitable. “The Chief Justice of Pakistan has taken suo motu notice of the matter which is a good news for all the Pakistanis. Every true Pakistani supports the construction of Kalabagh Dam. It will not only fulfill the current irrigation needs in Pakistan but also be used to irrigate millions of acres of non-agricultural land to make it useful for the people. It will be used to generate cheap electricity. Kalabagh dam is a solution to Pakistan’s many problems,” he said.

NOMINATION PAPERS: The issuance of nomination papers has started for the seats of national and provincial assemblies.

For the National Assembly constituency NA-113, Chaudhry Asadur Rahman, Mustafa Ramday Advocate and Chaudhry Sarwar got nomination papers from Returning Officer M Jameel.

For the Punjab Assembly constituency PP-122, Rai Ziaullah Khan, Ashfaq Ahmed, Naveed Akhtar, Mahmood-ul-Hassan, Rai Aziz-ur-Rahman Advocate, Sardar Yasir Altaf Gujjar, Sardar Nauman Saeed Gujjar, Chaudhry Sarwar, Younas Jutt, Sajid Ayoub and Faisal Qazafi got the nomination papers from Returning Officer Tahir Masood.