ISLAMABAD - The Cricket World Cup is the most prestigious event and the people who spend huge amount of money to watch the matches deserve to be treated in a better way. There is no need of allowing associate member teams to participate in such a huge event, as it serves no cause to ICC while the strong teams make world records in these matches. Rather than having 12 teams the ICC must follow the example of FIFA which, no matter how top class team it is or where it is ranked, only allows 32 teams across the globe, which from their respective groups qualifies to take part in the football world cup. Teams like Argentina, Brazil, England and France which have won the football world cup had to play the qualifying rounds to secure a place in the most prestigious event of football. Matches between West Indies and Bangladesh and New Zealand, Zimbabwe clearly showed the difference between the top class sides and average sides. These matches damage ICC's reputation of being biased against the Asian sides. Kenya, Zimbabwe, Holland and Canada are the weakest sides among the current teams participating in the world cup. The Bangladeshi fans must realise they have done no good to their team or nation by pelting stones at bus of West Indian players and this will cause huge damage not only to Bangladesh as nation but also give ICC a reason to declare Bangladesh as a dangerous place to play cricket. With all due respect to these teams, they have to learn and do a lot before competing with the top cricket playing nations. If teams like these continue playing in the mega events the top sides will not only butcher them but the records will continue to be broken against them. The ICC must adopt a simple policy of involving eight top teams of the world in next world cup, this will not only make the world cup a complete success but force the cricket playing nations to focus on their performances to participate in the mega event. The people are already loosing interest in cricket and instead of watching such matches the remaining viewers will also switch to other sports, rather than wasting their time on watching one-sided matches. ICC as the governing body of world cricket is responsible to take attractive measures to restore peoples' confidence and this can only be achieved through immediate steps. The cricket lovers want the ICC to enhance the charm of the game. There is still time for ICC and its affiliated members to chalk out a plan to bring fans back to the stadiums otherwise cricket will lose its charm. ICC can hold a similar kind of event for its associates instead of bringing them into mainstream game and pitting them against the world's top teams. The real test of all the top teams will begin from the quarterfinals when the knockout stage arrives. Except England-Ireland game the small nations have failed to justify their presence in the event. To some extent Canada have given a tough time to Pakistan by coming so close to the victory and because of inexperience they fell well short of achievable target. Up till now the most exciting match of the WC was played between England and Ireland. Chasing a mammoth target of 327 runs Ireland achieved the target in 49.1 overs for the loss of seven wickets. This is one of the greatest matches of WC history, where the minnows defeated one of the tournament's favourite teams with utmost ease. India and England ODI was also a treat to watch, England almost chased the target of 338 runs and match was tied as both teams finished at the same score, but this match was marred by the controversy erupted after Warne's comments. To fill the empty stadiums ICC and organisers will have to devise a strategy to attract the crowd. This can only be achieved through making tough decisions, cutting the number of teams in the next World Cup and only letting the top sides to play competitive matches.