LAHORE The Unification Bloc, carved out of the PML-Q elected representatives of the Punjab Assembly, held its first formal meeting with Punjab Chief Minister and his PML-Ns senior leaders, including provincial ministers and advisors on Saturday. Shahbaz Sharif lauded the Bloc members for their love for democracy, and their decision to strengthen democratic system. He also mentioned that 'moral and political support of the parliamentary group was with the PML-N, and it had also stood by the Party during the Governors rule. He was of the view that since no member of parliamentary group had asked for ministry, this decision had further enhanced Blocs respect, and silenced its detractors. As per sources, cracks have already started appearing in the Bloc between the pro and anti-ministry MPAs. One of the proponents of the idea of Forward Bloc within the PML-Q parliamentary group, Wallayat Shah Khagha was a prominent miss of the CMs meeting. The sources further confided that out of 47, only 41 members were present at the CMs Secretariat. In this context, the meeting is also being seen as an immediate remedy to keep all the 'Q flying flocks under one basket since a few of the members have raised eyebrows over decision of the Blocs leaders that 'we are not yearning to be in the cabinet. Earlier, PPPs proposed Opposition Leader for the Punjab Assembly Raja Riaz also hinted at this in his talk to the media outside the Assembly on Saturday. He congratulated Shahbaz Sharif and told the media that some members of his newly-founded 'Lota Foundry had rebelled against the Bloc leaders. Moreover, sources have further confided that Dr Tahir Ali Javed had already shown his teeth in one of his close circles where he had bragged perhaps to communicate it to the CM as well that Shahbaz Sharifs govt was totally dependent upon his Blocs support. So Tahir must be thinking that ultimately ministries and advisories will land with his members since these guys have left their mother party (PML-Q), then they can also say goodbye to their newly-found love (N-League), opined the source. Dr Tahir was not available for comments. In his meeting with the Bloc members, Shahbaz Sharif maintained that 'parliamentary group of the PML-Q had improved the image of politicians by upholding democratic norms and values rather than hankering after power, which would usher in a new era of politics of principles. The decision of the parliamentary group has not only enhanced their respect, but also strengthened democratic process in the country. Democracy means service to people and assembly members should supplement his efforts for the betterment and uplift of the masses so that people can feel a visible change in education, health, law and order and other sectors during the next two years, he added. While averring that Pakistan, especially Punjab, was at a critical juncture of its political history, Shahbaz lauded Nawaz for adopting sagacious attitude for the stability of democracy and promotion of democratic traditions and followed the path of reconciliation and understanding.