S M Hali in his otherwise very informative column, Nation March 2, has made a serious omission in saying that there is no site available in Pakistan to construct storage or power generation infrastructure allowing India to manipulate river flows at will. For reasons best known to him, he has feigned complete ignorance of a readymade site for a dam at Kalabagh. After Mangla dam, World Bank wanted to build Kalabagh dam and not Tarbela dam. It were ten Wapdas engineers who forced the World Bank to first build the much bigger, more complex and more expensive Tarbela dam. Their argument was that the smaller, and less expensive Kalabagh dam at a most natural site could be built later by Pakistan itself.Even governor Punjab, late Salman Taseer had said that Kalabagh was the best site for a dam in Pakistan and that Kalabagh dam was the best project for the economy of Pakistan.Because of Indias violation of Indus Waters Treaty, building a mega dam at the earliest becomes even more critical. Bhasha dam will be too little, too late, because by then our two dams will have lost considerable storage and generation capacity. KHURSHID ANWER, Lahore, March 3.