The scheduled peace dialogue between Pakistan and India on March 28 is a constructive and welcome step but their main focus should be Kashmir. Both the countries will discuss various matters that were affected by the tragedy of Mumbai attacks in 2004. The basic agenda of the dialogue is developing a counter-terrorism strategy for maintaining peace in the region. New Delhi has given permission to Islamabad team to visit India and meet witnesses in the Mumbai case is positive sign. As terrorism is not issue of only one country, but it has become global one, it has destroyed peace at global level. Therefore, it needs a collective action and efforts to combat it. Hopefully, these good signs will be more fruitful and both countries will solve their all pending issues. It is also hoped that both countries will find some good and practical solution to the water issue. The forthcoming talks will lead towards peace in the region and prove a significant move to improve and strengthen relations between both countries. INAYAT ALI, Islamabad, March 5.