Indian Prime Minister Manmonhan Singhs statement made in the occupied Valley that India will seriously try to resolve all crucial disputes with Pakistan including Kashmir is only meant to hoodwink the international community. As usual, he started demanding that first Pakistan should hand over the Mumbai attack culprits to it. The truth is that whenever, there is pressure from the West, Indian leaders start to talk about Kashmir issue to give the impression that they are sincere in its solution. And when Islamabad goes forward with open heart and shows its seriousness to resolve the conflict, India backs away under some flimsy pretext. It is also a fact that it was New Delhi itself that piloted the resolutions on Kashmir at the UN Security Council, but has failed to implement them, demonstrating its unreliability. In fact Dr Singh is deceiving no one but himself. On the other hand, there are plenty of options at Islamabds disposal to counter New Delhis deception. For instance, there have been scores of incidents in which innocent Pakistanis and Muslims have died in the Indian mainland by none other than Hindu extremists whose extradition we can demand. These attacks include demolition of Babri Masjid and the blowing up of the Samjhota Express, carried out by RSS chief Assemanand and Col Purohit. Though Islamabad realises the urgency to demand extradition of these criminals, it also understands that Kashmir dispute needs an immediate solution and under no circumstances should it be bracketed with any other issue. It is therefore clear that the Indian Prime Minister is only wasting time and gaining opportunity to strengthen Indian armys illegal stay. New Delhi would have come to the negotiating table rather than engaging in its cross-border terror mantra. Peace in the subcontinent will remain a dream unless and until the people of Kashmir are given their right to self-determination to which India is committed.