It was a win-win situation for the political parties in government and total loss for general public. The drama was set in which the price of petroleum was increased by 10 percent by giving the reason of Arab world turmoil. Then the political parties raised their voice of opposition to show they cared for the poor people and the government under pressure cut down the prices by 5 percent. Net result was increase in petroleum prices by 5 percent which was actually arranged with IMF. Everyone (in parliament) is happy and declared the reduction as a proof of their love for the poor people. As usual, it will be the ordinary people of Pakistan who will face the brunt of inflation and will pay the price for selecting such leaders as their representatives. It is strange that the government is not ready to check the corruption within its ranks and institutions (reportedly 40 billion per month is embezzled). It is a pity that it is not even ready to give subsidy of 6.5 billion rupees per month to its poor masses. DAR March 5.