KARACHI Four armed dacoits robbed Rs 3.2 million from a branch of a local bank situated at 24 Market in SITE, while the police recovered the tapes of the Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras from the bank, claiming the accused would be arrested soon. According to details, in the limits of Saeedabad Police Station, four unidentified armed, apparently Baloch or Pakh-toon, entered the branch of a local bank on the peak hour of the day and took the staff hostage at gunpoint. According to bank Manager Fahim Ahmed, the accused completed their operation between four to five minutes and managed to flee from the scene, they robbed Rupees 3.2 million along with cell phones and other valuables of staff as well as costumers he claimed. Police, however, recovered the video taps of the CCTV cameras and according to them, the accused looked like Baloch and Pukhtoon National while claming the culprits would be brought to justice soon. The police also registered the FIR against unidentified persons on the behalf of bank manager.