The responsible approach for America and its allies, therefore, would be to recognise its failed policies of the past, which alienated the Muslim public opinion and disturbed the peace of the world. In fact, there is a need for a radical change of values to question the fairness of past values. The Middle East is in a state of turmoil, trying to shake off the old oppressive order and usher in a new era of freedom and social justice. Thus, revolutions are taking place to correct the societal imbalances, as the Almighty has ordained: If Allah were not to repel some through others, the monasteries, churches, synagogues and mosques, in which the name of Allah is much mentioned, would certainly have been pulled down. (Al-Quran, Ch 22, verse 40) Allah loves all mankind and does not condone brutality and oppression by one over the other. He ordains that the people of all religions, faiths and beliefs, must find peace and truth based on social justice and love for His creation. In our living memory, there are two examples of divine intervention to contain the oppressors of the humanity: Adolf Hitler, drunk with power and obsessed with the superiority complex of the German race, disturbed the peace of the world and caused colossal death and destruction. However, his brute power was destroyed by a 'coalition of nations within a period of 15 years. At the same time, it also weakened the power of the British and European imperialism. Hence, the weak and oppressed nations gained freedom with Muslims being in the majority. Later, the vacuum of power, created after the Second World War, was filled by the United States of America, who entered the centrestage of world politics with the promise of social justice, free trade and democracy. Unfortunately, power corrupted it and its noble intentions turned into obsessions for global primacy and pre-eminence. More than 700 military bases were established around the world, while the United Nations and its financial institutions were brought under its control, as instruments of economic power to be used against intransigent countries, imposing sanctions and embargoes leading to devastating results. The American neo-imperialism thus replaced the British and the European imperialism, and once again the Middle East and the Central Asian regions became the testing ground for the projection of US power and influence. The Soviets moved into Afghanistan to contain its expanding influence, while the Americans mobilised the jihadis from 70 countries of the world and succeeded in pushing them out of the country. But, in the process, the jihadis grew into a Global Islamic Resistance force to resist the occupation of Muslim lands. Needless to say, the Soviet defeat gave a new impetus to the American ambitions of global hegemony, and the 9/11 incident provided the excuse to invade and occupy Afghanistan and Iraq. The Global Islamic Resistance, which had returned to their homes, has once again mobilised itself and returned to defeat the combined forces of aggression in Afghanistan and Iraq within a period of 10 years. Hitler was defeated within 15 years. Anyhow, as Americas power has declined, the oppressed nations suffering under its supported dictatorial regimes have now revolted demanding freedom and social justice. Therefore, balance is being restored through divine intervention in the Muslim world, which is subjected to foreign aggression and extreme brutality, killing over six million innocent men, women and children during the last 30 years. Although the US power is in decline, yet it is stronger than 1945 to play a major role in delivering freedom to the struggling nations. America is not alone at this juncture, because, at the giving end, there are other 'centres of power that also have the responsibility, such as China, Europe, Russia and Japan, to participate in this act of deliverance, than to become a party to the crime. Indeed, the dynamics of change must be understood. Though every nation in revolt has its problems, the ultimate objective remains the same. The revolutions now taking place in the region are shifting the global economic balance, which ultimately will be settled in the Kingdoms of Oil of the region. Some of the causes that have led to this massive revolutionary surge are: ? The declining US power and prestige, as a result of the defeat suffered in Afghanistan and Iraq, and the humiliation of Israel at the hands of Hezbollah, has encouraged the weak and oppressed nations to challenge its power in retreat; ? USAs unbridled support for the dictatorial regimes to suppress the peoples voice, causing economic strangulation and a deep sense of deprivation and denial; ? Today, it is the cyber generation that leads, gaining new consciousness from social networking websites, such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, which is brought to their doorstep by the media --- a phenomenon never experienced before; ? The unfounded fear of radical Islam, and the uncontrolled employment of state power to contain and curb the so-called menace of Islamic extremism, have invited a strong reaction, releasing the pent-up feelings of denial and deprivation of the masses into a revolt, as they are now trying to catch up with history that has left them behind, and convey the message that the Americans and their allies have stood on the wrong side of history and need to correct the course. ? Calling the Global Islamic Resistance as terrorism was self-defeating. In fact, it is a movement for freedom. It is not a permanent phenomenon either, because its mission and purpose is specific to the occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq. Once the occupation ends, the resistance will melt away into the 'vastness of the 70 countries of the world, it has come from. Yet, some odd 150 or so misguided members of Al-Qaeda will keep the world powers busy, chasing them around the world. Moreover, although every revolution is different from the other, yet there is a great deal of commonality between them: ? These are led mainly by the cyber generation, who does not have a strong leadership or a strong political base. ? Their struggle is not about Israel, Islam, or the West. It is for freedom, social justice and democracy. ? They want to change the functioning of the rentier states, and demand that real representatives of the people be elected, as their new rulers. The responsible approach for America and its allies, therefore, would be to recognise its failed policies of the past, which alienated the Muslim public opinion and disturbed the peace of the world. In fact, there is a need for a radical change of values to question the fairness of past values. The writer is a former Chief of Army Staff, Pakistan. Email: