LAHORE - The speakers at a seminar titled Disturbing Conditions in Balochistan stressed upon the need to seek a political solution of the crisis-like situation in the highly sensitive area of Pakistan. They demanded that parliament and media should focus on the issues that were creating feelings of alternation and deprivation in the people of Balochistan. The seminar was organised by Pakistan Institute of National Affairs (PINA) here on Saturday and was presided over by Lt Gen (r) Khalid Lateef Mughal while Professor of Political Science and veteran journalist Amanullah Shadezai, Qayyum Nizami, Sajjad Mir, Col (r) ZI Farrukh, engineer Anwar Hussain Mujahid and PINA Secretary General Altaf Hasan Qureshy. On the occasion, it was urged that the killers of Nawab Akbar Bugti be brought in the court of law to heel the wounds inflicted on the soul of the young Baloch generation. The seminar appreciated the efforts of the Army in opening new avenues for progress and development in the starved and backward zone of Pakistan. In his presidential address, Khalid Mughal endorsed the views expressed by the speakers that all out efforts be made to find a political solution and at the same time those elements must be exposed and defeated with national unity which were bent upon to destabilise the strategically important Balochistan. He said that the insurgents were only in the range of 3,000 who were financially equipped by US, Israel and India. He said that their agents were responsible for killing and disfiguring the dead bodies of the citizens. He emphatically said that armed forces never disfigure the bodies even of the enemy. Mughal said that US had strategic interest in Afghanistan and Balochistan as the oil from Caspian Sea could only be transmitted through the corridor of Afghanistan and Balochistan. He said that Gawadar Port was of crucial importance for the Western powers which had designed to contain Chinas influence in Pakistan. He forcefully pleaded that Pakistan should stop the supplies to the Nato forces so that they had no other option except to withdraw from Afghanistan and cease the war on terror in Pakistan. Amanullah Shadezai described the critical conditions prevailing in his province which require utmost attention on the part of national leadership. He stated that slogans against Pakistan were being raised by the angry and instigated youth and the target killings had become the order of the day. He disclosed that Baloch Liberation Army and other violent groups were challenging the writ of the sate with the help of some foreign powers. In his opinion the situation worsened after the killing of Nawab Bugti who was a great supporter of the federation and played a vital role in persuading the Shahi Jirga to vote for Pakistan in 1947. He alarmed that disfiguring of the dead bodies is provoking the population and turning it against Pakistan. He advised that we all should collectively strive to fight this phenomenon. Shadezai proposed that military leadership should negotiated with the leadership which once had been in the mainstream and was presently antagonised due to mishandling by the authorities concerned. Qayyum Nizami shared with the concerns of Baloch people and assumed that people of the Punjab had heart-felt love for their brothers in Balochistan and keen desire to interact with their leaders. He recommended that exchange of delegations would certainly remove misgivings and strengthen the bonds better understanding among the country men.