LAHORE (PR) is emerging as one of the game changing e-commerce ventures in Lahore. Having acquired $3.675 million in funding and being on track to raise an additional $10 million, their vision to be the e-commerce marketplace which provides a plethora of products under one roof with an array of different categories (food, health & beauty, books, groceries), is turning into a reality. One of the core values subscribes to is to be a force of change by contributing positively to society. On their mission to revolutionise the e-commerce industry, they believe in giving back by focusing on the youth of our country. The education of children is of paramount importance and in realizing the need to contribute to the cause; is joining forces with TCF to alleviate the issue of juvenile illiteracy.

According to Ahmed Khan, CEO of, “Educating and helping our youth is very close to my heart. Being a father myself, I think it is imperative for us all to be socially responsible and should all play an active and integral part in contributing to educating our next generation. Our country is in the throes of an education crisis as no respective government has brought about a tangible change in the sector despite avowing to bring education reforms and injecting substantial money to give standardised education to all. This initiative with TCF is just a start to help empower those without access to education by providing them the books they need for their curriculum. In the grand scheme of things, this may be a miniscule step, but nonetheless a step in the right direction”

The basic premise of this initiative is for to galvanise the masses to purchase curriculum books from their platform for the TCF school children. “It is high time for our people to be cognizant of the issues that are of paramount importance to not only us but the future of our country as well. We should play our part in building the future for posterity which can be cemented by focusing on education. We at Cheetay believe in being socially responsible and the best initiative to take is helping out educational institutions whose prime objective is to educate those who cannot afford to pay their tuition fee,” stated Wasia Suhail Bashir, Brand Manager at