Islamabad - Bakshi Brothers, an emerging group of young musicians hailing from traditional musical families, will perform at ‘SarMastam’ – an evening of soulful Sufi music organised by Rung School of Music and Arts here on March 9.

They will perform in a live concert serving the music lovers as a treat of traditional taste of music blended with contemporary techniques. Their gripping music features traditional Sufi, folk and classical songs alongside the use of contemporary instruments. . in a refreshing style.

Bakshi brothers are an emerging band of cousin brothers, who decided to come together and produce a modern rendition of traditional folk merged with Qawwali. Aafi, Bilal, Shehryar and Yawar joined and officially launched the band and got instant praise by the audience. Sons of Azam Bakshi, the legendary classical singer, and tabla player Ajmal Khan, winner of the pride of performance award, the passion for creating free-range music is hereditary and run in their blood.