Karachi- In collaboration with the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) agencies in Pakistan, Huma Adnan unveiled a gorgeous fashion presentation at her home. The collection called “Craft Stories” showcased the talents of refugee women in Karachi through their handcrafted bangles, earrings and necklaces. The objective of the show was to create awareness of the work and talents of the refugee artisans with the hope that in future, these women are able to sustain themselves financially.

 “We as fashion influencers are blessed to be given a platform and resources that can easily create awareness and provide long-term sustainability solutions for people,” shared Huma Adnan.

To create this collection, Huma Adnan and her team provided training and imported high-quality materials to selected refugee women residing at refugee camps at Karachi’s Al-Asif Square in order for them to handcraft these unique and intricate pieces.

From choosing colours, designs, threads, and motifs to deciding on schemes and crafting techniques, Huma’s team would create a prototype for the artisans and after training them to make the first piece would hand over the task to them of completing the rest of the pieces themselves. Three of these women worked as supervisors at the camps after getting extensive training.

The entire showcase was inspired by the bustle and energy of the city’s old Manora Island. The handcrafted accessories by the refugees are an expression of their personal journey. The artisans share their story in the shape of each piece that resonates with the warmth and passion of its creator, fusing together a balance of quality and design.