SHIKARPUR-A large number of sanitary workers of Shikarpur Municipal Committee (MC) Tuesday took out a protest rally in front of Shikarpur Press Club against Shikarpur deputy commissioner and Municipal Committee for not releasing their salaries.

The rally was led by Bishan Lal, Hari Lal, Raja Das, Irfan Ahmed Abro, Sanitary Inspector, and Kishore Kumar.

Speaking on the occasion, the leaders expressed serious concerns over non-payment of salaries of 240 sanitary workers including sanitary inspectors for four months. They said that the MC employed had been deprived of purchasing essential commodities and were compelled to die with hunger and poverty.

The protesters also claimed to have called on Shikarpur Deputy Commissioner Rahim Bakhsh Matilo, but he seemed unable to resolve the issue of their salaries despite the fact they were discharging their duties on a daily-basis. They demanded that the high-ups take notice of it, and resolve the issue of the non-payment of their salaries.


Mufti Shah Abdul Khalique Azad, caretaker Nasheen Khanqah-e-Aliya Rahimia Raipur, Lahore, is expected to visit Shikarpur on Thursday for two days, it has been learnt.

Mufti Shah will attend scheduled programs to be held at newly established Shaikh Ayaz University Shikarpur and Shikarpur Press Club. He is expected to stay at the residence of Noor Ahmed Memon.

Besides, Mufti Shah is also supposed to deliver speeches in many programs wherein a large number of students and people belonging to different walks of life would participate.