JACOBABAD-SHIFA Welfare Association organised a Community Awareness Session on peace and harmony at Taluka Hospital Thul, Jacobabad district, here on Tuesday.

Mr. Aangli Khan Banglani, SHIFA Training Officer, briefed the participants that ‘Community Engagement for Peaceful Coexistence’ meant to unite the people of different schools of thought under one idea, one message and one agenda. He stated: “If we are united and peace lovers, we can establish peace and harmony in real sense.” He further said that community engagement was essential for progress and prosperity of the people.

The trainer went on saying that SHIFA had been working to promote peace and harmony among the followers of different religions such as Sikh community, Hindu community, Christians and other minority people towards a coexisted society where people enjoy lives according to their norms, customs and traditions. “There is no issue of different religions but we are one and live with peace and harmony with one another,” said the trainer.

Keeping in view the Community Awareness Session, the speaker said: “Due to lack of education and mass awareness among us, we are backward today; we live under threats of local landlords who use their power and influence to keep the people of rural areas in ignorance.” “Through social mobilisation, we can educate the masses. Thus we can be able to build a peaceful society,” he added.

In this session, people of various communities participated and shared their ideas for establishing peace and harmony.