ISLAMABAD - Pakistan’s exports of telecommunication, computer and information services have increased to $539.71 million, registering 3.78 per cent growth in first half of current fiscal year. The earning made through these exports was $520.043 million during same period last year. Data issued by PBS on Tuesday showed that in telecommunication sector, call center services exports increased by 9.28 per cent.

These have reached $49.640 million in July-December (2018-19) from $45.424 million in corresponding period of last year. However, the exports regarding telecommunication sector declined by 24.57 per cent in period under review. These were recorded at $98.740 million, down from $130.909 million. The computer services exports have seen a growth of 13.67 per cent, rising from last year’s $342.94 million to $389.83 million. The software consultancy services grew from $140.471 million to $175.127 million, marking an increase of 24.67 per cent.

Maintenance and repair of computer services brought $3.297 million, 259 per cent higher than exports of $0.918 million last year. The services regarding import and export of computer software also rose by one per cent, having been recorded at $147.623 million from last year’s $146.166 million.

Other computer services exports have been recorded at $62.882 million, marking an increase of 19.07 per cent from last year.

Furthermore, information services exports have witnessed increase by 94.81 per cent. These exports stand at $1.5 million among which news agency services exports saw an increase of 7.21 per cent while other information services increased by 152 per cent.

On a year-on-year basis, the information, computer and information services exports have increased by 4.24 per cent in December 2018, reaching $98 million from $54.01 million last year.