LAHORE - In order to make the dealings among the Punjab government, flourmills and tandoor owners transparent on long-term basis, the City District Government has decided to install biometrics system at all the 18 mills mandated to provide subsidised flour to registered tandoors in the City, sources informed The Nation on Wednesday. All nine towns have been directed to purchase biometrics equipment from the market for placing them at flourmills. The CDG will place biometrics equipment at all 18 flourmills given the task of supplying subsidised flour to the registered tandoors in nine towns. Two flourmills will supply subsidised flour to the registered tandoors in their respective town. The CDG has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with 18 flourmills for providing 20-kilogram flour bag at Rs 250 directly to 3,233 registered tandoors in different parts of the City. The CDG will register more tandoors with the passage of time to ensure provision of roti at Rs 2 to the maximum number of people. Sources say that the CDG has decided to introduce biometrics system to reduce complaints of subsidised flour not reaching the registered tandoors. The CDG will feed data of all registered tandoors including thumb impression of the owners and their representatives. The flourmills will get thumb impression of the tandoor owner or his representative at the biometrics system to ensure that the subsidised flour is given to the right person. "Through the Biometrics system, identity of person receiving the subsidised flour from the flourmills will be verified. Introduction of this system will eliminate the complaints that the registered tandoors are not getting flour at subsidised rates. The CDG will monitor the entire process and ensure that each and every registered tandoor gets its quota on daily basis", said a CDG official. He said that the biometrics would only verify identity of the receiver and the date of receiving subsidised flour. He said that the system would have nothing to do with the quota of subsidised flour for a specific tandoor. He said that the flourmills would give subsidised flour to a specific tandoor according to the quota mentioned in the passbook. He said that mohalla committees would monitor the process of supply of subsidised flour directly from identified flourmills to registered tandoors in their respective areas.