KARACHI - Top seed Farhan Mahboob and second seed young Amir Atlas will fight for the final honours in the US dollar 25,000, prize carrying PSO sponsored Chief of Naval Staff international squash here on Thursday afternoon at the historic Pakistan Navy Roshan Khan Jahangir Khan Squash Complex where once as a young boy an unsquashable Jahangir Khan learnt the art of game from his illustrious father. The two leading squash stars of the country reached the final after easily winning their semi finals on Wednesday before an almost full to capacity championship court of the complex. Top seed Farhan Mahboob had the easiest of the victory when his opponent Mansoor Zaman son of famous Qamar Zaman conceded the match in the second game complaining strained muscle in the left leg. At that time Farhan who had already won the first game 11-6 was leading 8-3. The incomplete contest lasted barely 13 minutes to the disappointment of a big crowd which had expected some fireworks from the two talented players. Air Vice Marshal Asim Suleiman, senior vice President Pakistan Squash Federation and secretary of Sindh Squash Association engineer Tahir Khanzada were prominent among the spectators. Second seed and considered as favourite Amir Atlas nephew of Jansher Khan also had an easy semi final against Yasir Butt. It took Amir 35 minutes to overpower his opponent with a score of 11-9, 11-9, and 11-8. Mansoor Zaman was far from his usual form against the top seed. He was too slow and dull to face blistering pace of his rival who is known for playing fast and attacking game. It seemed that Mansoor had not fully recovered from energy sapping hour long quarter final yesterday in which he had suppressed Amjad Khan in five game contest. Farhan who had an array of shots in his armory displayed all of them in the first game which he won easily 11-6 with Mansoor finding hard to move around the court to pick up shots. After effects of that tough quarter final battle on Mansoor were evident when the semi-final began. Physically he could not cope up with the pace and when second game started he looked in some trouble to move. As the score reached 8-3 in favour of Farhan, Mansoor complained of strain in his left leg and decided to concede the contest to the disappointment of a good sporting crowd. In the second semi final Amir Atlas maintained his good form to outplay Yasir Butt who in the quarter final was involved in over an hour long four game struggle to beat Kashif Shuja, a Kiwi of Pakistani origin. Two played good squash in three games providing some entertainment to the crowd. Long rallies and occasional exciting shots were the main features of the semi final which went Amir Atlas way after 35 minutes. The final on Thursday would see two best exponents of the game in action. It would be a final to watch. Results. Semi finals. Farhan Mahboob beat Mansoor Zaman 11-6, 8-3 retired. Amir Atlas beat Yasir Butt 11-9,11-9,11-8.