KARACHI - Former President Pakistan Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA), Munir A Malik, has said that the government was preparing for an action against the lawyers, playing active role in the movement for the independent of judiciary, by imposing the presidential ordinance. He was addressing the general body meeting of SHCBA at Iftikhar Chhudhry Hall here on Wednesday held in connection with the boycott of court proceedings in Sindh High Court. Senior lawyers and representatives of SHCBA and Karachi Bar Association also spoke on the occasion. Munir Malik alleged that the government would soon take action against the lawyers associated with the movement for reinstatement of deposed judges and restoration of free judiciary. He added that at one side the government was making claims for restoring democracy in the country while on the other it was hatching conspiracies against the lawyers' movement. He alleged that during the current SHCBA election, the government lobbied in favour of the official candidate SM Zafar contesting against Ali Ahmed Kurd. Malik said that after the victory of Ali Ahmed Kurd, the SHCBA has become an independent body and it would proof a quantum step towards the independence of judiciary. He said that the lawyers were still energetic and organised to continue their movement which would soon get further impetus. Speaking on the occasion, Advocate Rasheed A Rizvi, Karachi Bar Association, alleged that the present regime was the continuation of the Musharraf dictatorship as President Asif Ali Zardari was still pursuing policies of the previous government. He termed the victory of Ali Ahmed Kurd as the verdict against the policies of the government, where the lawyers gave their judgment against the rulers. He said the government should have observed the 3rd November as 'Black Day' along with the lawyers' fraternity.       Condemning the presidential ordinance, Rizvi termed it a conspiracy against the lawyers' movement.    Salahuddin Gandapore of the Sindh Bar Council strongly condemned the November 5 incident in which several lawyers were injured. He added that the said action was totally unconstitutional and illegal.      He said that after coming into the power, the current government should have taken action the former President Pervez Musharraf under Article 6 but the present rulers provided him safe passage. President Karachi Bar Association (KBA), Mehmoodul Hassan said that on 5th November 2007, the then government had attacked the courts while the media was also harassed when they were trying to show the true picture to the nation. He criticised the judges who took oath under PCO and alleged that they betrayed the lawyers' fraternity on the directives of the dictator. Other senior lawyers and office bearers of the bars also spoke on the occasion.   The lawyers also boycott the court proceedings. Interestingly, when Khawaja Naveed Ahmed, former judge, entered the bar room before the general body meeting, the lawyers chanted slogans against him and forced him to leave the building.   Later, the lawyers took out a procession from the court to Karachi Press Club while activists of different political parties and representatives of the civil society also accompanied them.   Talking to newsmen, President Executive Committee of Pakistan Bar Council (PBC), Yasin Azad said that families of the deceased lawyers would be given a compensation worth Rs 0.2 million each. He said that the widows of late Raja Riaz and Altaf Abbasi, and father of late Shehryaar alias Shehri, would be awarded cheques on Thursday (today).