LAHORE - The Pakistan Cricket Board refused to make official appointment of former Pakistan captain Salim Malim as chief coach of the National Cricket Academy after the International Cricket Council reacted seriously over reports of his appointment. The PCB seems to be backtracking on the appointment of Malik as the new head coach of the NCA. His appointment came as a surprise for the national cricket community and led to the resignation of former Pakistan captain Rashid Latif as NCA's wicketkeeping coach. A whistleblower on the match-fixing saga, Latif resigned to protest against Malik's appointment as NCA head coach. Latif said he couldn't work with people with a dark past and connections with the match fixing mafia, directly referring to Malik. Latif's resignation and suggestions that the ICC is considering challenging Malik's appointment seem to have forced the PCB to refrain from issuing the notification regarding Malik's appointment. Sources said that the PCB will now issue it after getting a clearance from the ICC. An official of the ICC made it clear that it would be asking the PCB for details of Malik's appointment as chief coach of the NCA. The ICC official said that it would be writing to the PCB shortly demanding the details of the issue. "The PCB has not informed the ICC about the new development particularly the lifting of the life ban on Malik," he added. The ICC official said that if the reports are correct then they would like to know the reasons of the lifting of the ban on part of the PCB and reasons of his appointment as chief coach. A PCB official said that the board's top brass has issued instructions to put on hold an official notification that was supposed to be circulated to confirm Malik's appointment as NCA's head coach. According to reports, the step has been taken because of pressures at home and from the ICC. The PCB had chosen Malik to head NCA's coaching staff in spite of the fact that the former Pakistan captain's past is tainted with match-fixing allegations. Malik was banned for life over his role in the match-fixing scandal that rocked Pakistan cricket in the 90s.But last week, a civil court lifted the life ban for his alleged involvement in match fixing on the recommendation of commission headed by Justice Qayyum.