ISLAMABAD - A final decision on increasing prices of around 325 medicines including some life saving drugs hangs in limbo despite the fact that government has agreed in principal to increase the prices a couple of days ago. According to sources, Price Recommendatory Committee (PRC) acceded to the request of pharmaceutical sector to increase the prices immediately in a meeting held last month leading to the government's approval in principle. However, Secretary Health Suleman Ghani simply refused by saying that the government had already approved increase in prices in principle. He also undermined the Price Recommendatory Committee by saying that it had no authority to recommend price increase. "Things are in process and the local pharmaceutical industry has been requesting the Health Ministry to raise the prices of medicines. We are looking into the matter and have to take all stakeholders on board and then to decide something that would be acceptable to every one," he maintained. Earlier, the sources said the pharmaceutical industry is desperately waiting for the official announcement but the government due to some bureaucratic impediments, has not made final announcement. "It is now a mater of few days as the application resting with the Minister is waiting simply for a signature," the sources added. Meanwhile sources also told TheNation that the outgoing Health Minister had authorised the secretary health to make the official announcement. Increase in prices of specific medicines was a long-standing demand of pharmaceutical sector on the ground that since 2001, there has been no increase in the prices of medicines. The local drugs manufacturers owing to ever-increasing inflation and manifold increase in petroleum product, which is a main ingredient for producing medicines, are pursuing the government to immediately raise the prices of medicines.